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Dj Apar

DJ Apar is a renowned nightclub DJ from Denver, Colorado. Beginning his career in Denver, he has grown from performing small local parties to filling nightclubs and dance parties with his unique sound. His performances are focused in the midwest and the southeast United States, where he has gained recognition for his party sound and “high-energy open format performances.” DJ Apar seamlessly mixes urban energy with future-bass and adds his own distinct editing. Other artists note Dj Apar for his flexibility and unique sound. He is not afraid to incorporate exhilarating lyrics and vocals while still filling the room with a rapturous beat and contagious energy. Dj Apar’s love for music and creation will not go unnoticed during his set, and this dedication to the game is sure to make your New Year’s Eve memorable. His experience is extensive as DJ Apar has performed as an opening act for acclaimed artists such as Sak Noel, B.O.B., and Ryan Leslie. With all of this considered, his set will be one you won’t want to miss.

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Instagram: @Dj_Apar 

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