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James McCoy Taylor

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James McCoy Taylor

James McCoy Taylor is most recently known for his appearance in JoJo’s season of the hit show, The Bachelorette, where he was known as the singer- song writer that serenaded Ms Fletcher upon arrival.  His love more music began while growing up in Texas and listening to his mom and dad  sing as weddings and in church.  Looking up to his Dad, James began singing loudly and often.  While in high school his theater teacher found him singing in the hallways at the top of his lungs and snatched up the school jock to play the lead role of Danny in Grease.  When he left for college he started a band and has continued to grow as a professional musician ever since.  He has been playing with different bands since 2004.  His style is a mixture of country and folk that resonates with listeners as classic storytelling.  He has played Gas Monkey, Wormy Dog, Every Tin Roof in America, Music Farm South Carolina, Good Morning Houston, and "most notably on top of an old classic car on national television to a girl names JoJo who didn’t like me as much as I liked her.” 


James said “2017 was a crazy year…freshly dumped on national television, first single, first music video, first invite to the ACMs & CMAs-what a world!”  


When asking him about what has influenced him to become the musician he is today he said, "Everybody on my bus listened to rap, I grew up singing in church, my best friends liked country and my dad’s name is also James Taylor (and he sings) so I just thought he was famous since everyone asked if i was named after him. This is my way of telling you my musical influences are my friends, my neighbors, my Church and my Dad... and my sound & style are all over the place.

Wouldn’t have it any other way and if you like a little bit of everything and a lot of passion - i think you’ll enjoy my music. Thanks for listening and let’s make 2018 our best year yet.” 

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